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Our classes will challenge and motivate your child to achieve their personal best and thrive in an ever changing world.

Self-Defense & Proper Human Biomechanics

How is Shim Shin-Do® different from other martial arts systems?

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Subumnim Wordie, rec 5th Degree Black Belt – Shim Shin Do®

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For motivated individuals who are serious about self-defense and fitness. 

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Self-Defense for ages 8 – 10 years old

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Children’s martial arts & self-defense classes ages 10 – 14 years old.

Advanced & Teens Classes

Self-Defense Classes for Advanced Children and Teens.

Private Classes

Get personalized 1 on 1 lessons or private group classes.

We all agree Health, Fitness, Discipline,

and Safety are vital to a long happy life. 

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Welcome to Shim Shin-Do® dba. Ellenton Martial Arts, llc

We are a licensed Shim Shin-Do® Self-Defense facility with client relationships built on trust. Our goal is to ensure members remain motivated to achieve their personal best both in and out of the academy. Enjoy powerful and positive growth through the high quality training provided here at Ellenton Martial Arts. Our classes involve learning a verity of practical self defense techniques from kickboxing to joint locks as well as how to avoid takedowns and deal with blunt force weapons. We promote and teach realistic self-defense tactics, communication  and situational awareness as to avoid conflict if at all possible. Our highly disciplined class environment keeps students working hard and always learning. Our program will reinforce important mental benefits and positive character traits such as concentration, respect, perseverance, and so much more!


Grandmaster. Sergio Barriga 9th Degree Founder and President of Shim Shin Do® is the recipient of the 2013 Founders Award from the World Head of Family Sokeship Council for Shim Shin-Do®. Grandmaster Barriga holds over 150 first place awards for Full contact Sparring and Forms and in 2016 took 1st in the Grandmasters Division full contact sparring and traditional forms at the International Martial Arts Games. Grandmaster Barriga has been awarded by John Hopkins Hospitals in Maryland for his work with the physically and intellectually disabled and has also trained law enforcement throughout the United States and Argentina. This is including, but not limited to, anti-terrorist forces. Our grandmaster has dedicated his life to the martial arts, sports and education building safer, healthier and more hospitable communities across the globe. A black belt in 7 systems of martial arts, a master of 4 systems and a grandmaster of 3 systems Sergio Barriga is the epitome of a mixed martial arts and self-defense expert.

Reviews & Testimonials

   “The best thing you can do for your family. They are Great!”– Roland Rosado

   “Surpassed my expectations on many levels, my son is learning much more than just martial arts!” – Royce Dunnuck

   “Mr. Wordie and Mrs. Thundathil are awesome instructors. Not only are the students learning self-defense but they are gaining valuable lessons in respect and discipline! Thank You both for all you do!” – Randy Roberts

   “Your family’s safety is YOUR responsibility! Whether going to Walmart, being at work or your children’s safety at school. Ellenton Martial Arts IS the best way to learn (quickly) many ways to defend yourself should you ever be in that most unfortunate situation where someone gives you no other option. Mr. Wordie and his instructors will give you and your children the gift of confidence, mental awareness and technique they need. Seriously, it is your responsibility. You owe it to you and those you love to check out Ellenton Martial Arts. Call them now. Don’t wait.” – Chris Bernard

   “I love the experience and training my grandson is getting. It’s wonderful how patient they are with the younger uncoordinated kids.  This is a wonderful place.” – Gloria Tripp

   “My daughter not only gets a great workout, but she is taught about respect and honor! At 9 years old, she is learning to defend herself should she ever need to – along with a martial art, which will reap benefits throughout her life. This place rocks!” – Janet Braden

About Us

We provide a cutting edge system of self-defense created using sports science which is called, Shim Shin-Do® – The Art of Spirit, Mind & Body. This art perfectly infuses proper human biomechanics with tried and true martial arts techniques.

Our Services

Our members have access to a full and modern martial arts curriculum, clean facilities, quality equipment, and experienced instructors. Enjoy getting in shape and challenging yourself in exciting and positive new ways!

Our Team

Shim Shin-Do® is a community of martial artist dedicated to supporting eachother, building a safer community and more positive world. Our instructors are dedicated to serving our clients with the best martial arts experience on the market.

Why Shim Shin-Do®, Self Defense?

- Focused semi-private & private training.
- Dedicated staff who will work tirelessly to provide you with the highest quality martial arts training available.
- Disciplined classes in a new, exciting, and challenging atmosphere.
- Full curriculum on martial art system based in proper human biomechanics & sports science.


Private Introductory Class.

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Martial Arts classes and/or other services offered through Ellenton Martial Arts, llc a licensed branch of the United States Shim Shin Do Martial Arts Federation, are in no way obligatory and all individuals participating in classes understand they do so under their own free will. By willingly agreeing to participate in Martial Arts training understanding the risks involved Ellenton Martial Arts, llc, Shim Shin-Do®, Martial Smart, the United States Shim Shin Do Martial Arts Federation are NOT responsible in any way for accident and/or action leading to or causing injury, or any other negative physical, mental, and/or emotional damage in the United States and abroad including but not limited to the States: AL, AK,AS, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FM, FL, GA, GU, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MH, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, MP, OH, OK, OR, PA, PW, PR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VI, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY.

This site is for informational and promotional purposes only and does not guarantee the delivery of services as all members and/or clients as well as potential members and/or clients must be screened by a qualified staff member of Ellenton Martial Arts, llc and approved by it's Certified Chief Instructor before any person can enter the training area*, join classes, or sign a membership, agreement, or contract.

*Training area refers to the area of the facility/building where martial arts classes and activities take place.

United States Shim Shin Do Martial Arts Federation Phone Number: 727-726-7446

United States Shim Shin Do Martial Arts Federation Website: www.shimshindo.com